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Digital Marketing Era
  • Jul 17 2024

Digital Marketing has evolved over the ages, and how! Back in the early days, the trailblazers of Digital marketing were Facebook , Yelp and AT&T. Each of these organizations grew into multi-billion dollar companies because they tapped into the potential of Digital Marketing at an early stage. These companies all approached Digital Marketing through a single channel.

Facebook grew into billion-dollar businesses through email to grow and did it by having users invite all their contacts. Yelp grew  business through one channel as well, The SEO.  AT&T created a banner ad and placed it on HotWired.com in 1994. Out of all the users who saw it,  44% clicked on it, because it was innovative and unique at the time! There are a lot of single-channel case studies and referral marketing that worked successfully in the past.

However just like everything else in the world, Digital Marketing has evolved over the years. It is now into an Omni channel approach and this means businesses can no longer  rely on just one channel of marketing to succeed. That is where we, at Maple Tech Space, step in and make things simpler for businesses by handling the Digital Marketing for better customer reach and online traffic generation.
Some of the solutions Maple Tech Space generates for businesses today, are:

 1. How can businesses be promoted well:

  • Identify  channels which customers use the most, to consume information .
  • Collate what kind of message tends to be more effective during product and service promotion.
  • Decide the ideal period for promoting products- No time like the present to get started!
  • Every influential brand generates large amounts of user traffic based on which keywords they rank  for on Google.  The sites that link to them and talk about them and even how many social shares they are generating.
  • Keep an eye on the competitors promotion plan.
  • Maintain a pulse on changing global trends for any mid-course correction.

2. How can businesses survive in a competitive market?

Businesses today  do not have a choice other than to use all of the marketing channels available. Yes, they  could be competitive and saturated, but they still work wonders. Adding up all of these channels that individually produce a small amount of ROI, results in a big number at the end!
At Maple Tech Space, we collaborate and grow with clients by seeking out answers to vital questions:

  • Where is your customer located?
  • Which distribution channels are currently trending?
  • Do you sell directly to businesses or consumers?
  • What is your Competitors Online presence?
  • Does your competitor have any perceivable weakness?

3. Consistency is the key to Marketing and Customer Recall value:

There’s no way around it! Consistently promoting a brand ensures higher recall and retention value.
As per a famous entrepreneur in Digital Marketing , Between Text messages and emails, users may seem like they tend to look at their Smart phone more often than logging into email inbox. However the actual statistics state otherwise!
Did you know that over 6 billion SMS messages are sent daily?  
How many emails are sent daily? 269 billion!
And do you know how many people visit Facebook each day? 1.62 billion.
All of this just shows how the above are massive channels that people are using each and every day.
Exactly why Maple Tech Space helps you leverage ALL of these mediums, in the Digital Space.

Promoting businesses online, by keeping up with the Digital Marketing trends, has now become the order of the day. In this case, creating traffic and noise(online)  may not be such a bad thing after all! 

Sources: https://neilpatel.com/  

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